5.0″ HDMI Capacitive Touch Kit


FEMA 5.0″ – GM800480R-50-TIX1-TGG Kit

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FEMA 5″ HDMI Capacitive Touch Kit

FEMA GM800480R-50-TIX1-TGG Kit is a 5″ LCD Development kit comprised of 5″ IPS LCD Display display with integrated projected capacitive touch panel with USB interface and a 5V, HDMI input Controller Board. 800 x 480 Pixel Resolution.

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FEMA’s LCD TFT Development Kits bundles all the necessary components into one convenient package

  • Low Cost Prototype Kit
  • No Minimum Order Quantity

Whether you’re an OEM, Distributor or an electronics DIY (do-it-yourself) hobbyist, our LCD Kits are a low-cost and convenient way to source components for your LCD sampling and prototyping needs.

FEMA’s LCD Kit components include the LCD Display, a VGA, DVI or RCA input Controller Board (Evaluation Board / AD Board), Optional Resistive and Capacitive Touch Panel, and cables.


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Evaluation Board

GM800480R-50-TIX1-TGG AD