FEMA 19.0″ Highbright Color TFT

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FEMA P/N GM12801024A-190-TTX1NLW-H

FEMA P/N GM12801024A-190-TTX1NLW-H is a full color TFT LCD with a resolution of 1280×1024, high brightness of 1500 nits and LVDS Interface. Optional resistive or projected capacitive touch panel available for this model.

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Benefits of Highbright Technology

The demand in outdoor application has increased for high brightness LCDs due to its good visibility and ability operate in bright environment. High brightness performance provides excellent visibility for products used in outdoors or in a bright environment. FEMA offers Sunlight Readable displays in sizes ranging from 3.5″ to 21.5″ diagonal to address the growing demand for full color TFT displays which are viewable outdoors. FEMA achieves this by using transflective enhancement films, modifying the LED backlight brightness to reach 1000 cd/m2, and/or optically bonding the touch panel to the display In the event a touch panel is required, FEMA offers optical bonding of the touch panel which eliminates the gap between the display and touch panel. It is the existence of this air gap which introduces internal reflections and results in lower contrast and poor visibility in direct sunlight.

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Display Type


Touch Panel






Module Size

396 x 324 x 17.8 mm

Display Mode

TN, Normally White




Contrast Ratio


1500 nits